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Victoria per veritas
"Victory by Justice"

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Kostya Tszyu

IBF, WBC, WBA champion


Roy Jones Jr.

Absolute World champion in light heavy weight. World Champion in middleweight , super middleweight , light heavyweight , cruiserweight and heavyweight categories. EBP Honored Champion


Sergey Kovalev

IBF, WBO, WBA Champion and the first EBP Champion


Orzubek Nazarov

WBA champion


Anatoly Alexandrov

WBO champion

Sultan Ibragimov

WBO champion


Roman Karmazin

IBF Champiom


Dmitry Kirillov

IBF champion


Ruslan Provodnikov

WBO champion


Eduard Troyanovsky

IBF champion


Heavyweight Champion
Murat Gassiev
[ Heavyweight Champion ] LOGO EBP
August 2022
boxrec ID #583767   BoxRec ebp 


Cruiserweight champion
Yury Kashinsky
[ Cruiserweight champion ] LOGO EBP
June 2023
boxrec ID #665197  BoxRec ebp 


Light Heavy Champion
Maxim Vlasov
[ Light Heavy Champion ] LOGO EBP
December 2021
boxrec ID #311622  BoxRec ebp 


Super Middleweight Champion
Mikhail Dauhaliavets
[ Super Middleweight Champion ] LOGO EBP
November 2020
boxrec ID #854869  BoxRec ebp 


Middleweight Champion
      Чемпион в среднем весе      
Magomed Madiev
[ Middleweight Champion ] LOGO EBP
July 2019
boxrec ID #724390  BoxRec ebp


Super Welterweight Champion
Bakhram Murtazaliev
[ Super Welterweight Champion ] LOGO EBP
November 2019
boxrec ID #689777  BoxRec ebp


Welterweight champion
Bobirzhan Mominov
[ Welterweight champion ] LOGO EBP
September 2020
boxrec ID #781452  BoxRec ebp 


Super lightweight champion
Khariton Agrba
[ Super lightweight champion ] LOGO EBP
May 2022
boxrec ID #856311  BoxRec ebp


Lightweight champion
      champ baev      
Soslan Baev
[ Lightweight champion ] LOGO EBP
May 2022
boxrec ID #814773  BoxRec ebp


Super Featherweight Champion
      Чемпион во втором полулёгком весе      
Erzhan Turgumbekov
[ Super Featherweight Champion ] LOGO EBP
August 2019
boxrec ID #823951  BoxRec ebp 


Featherweight Champion
      champ nikitin      
Vladimir Nikitin
[ Featherweight Champion ] LOGO EBP
August 2022
boxrec ID #839576  BoxRec ebp 



This is an official announcement from the Eurasian Boxing Parliament!

We are delighted to announce that the International Boxing Federation (IBF) is officially became a partner of the Eurasian Boxing Parliament with the recognition of the EBP as a Continental Championship Title!


This is a truly great moment in the history of boxing.
It means that EBP will be working closely with the IBF and their continental regional titles.
The champions of the regional titles will enter into the independent EBP ratings and the champion of the EBP will enter into the IBF world ratings! All judging and organization will be held under the IBF rules.
These are truly great news for all continental promoters, who should feel encouraged in engaging their fighters into the continental IBF championships and the EBP titles.

The IBF also announcing a brand new continental title of the Baltic region, the IBF Baltic Title.
Boxers from nine countries could compete for this title: Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, and Sweden. Also the fighters who holds the licence with the federations of the countries members of Baltic region are also eligible to participate in the Baltic championships.


The official statement to the International Olympic Committee

 EBP has issued an official statement to the International Olympic Committee.

"Pierre de Coubertin the founder of the modern Olympic movement spent his entire life on creating an ultimate concept of World peace and human integration via means of sport. His iconic "Ode to Sport" begins from the phrase "O Sport, You are Peace!". Today, it is painful to see how in front of the eyes of the whole world the forthcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro are quickly becoming a dirty playing field for hidden political agendas! 

Those who have generated unfounded, diplomatic accusations and economic sanctions against Russia have been employing new methods to continue the segregation of the Russian nation from the rest of the World. A baseless attempt to discredit and further remove an athletic Russian Olympic team from the Olympic Games in Rio is a clear example of using sport as a tool of political pressure. 

In troubling times when political disagreements are settled by ways of military actions more than ever, we call on the entire sporting nation to protect the purity of the Olympic principals from political contamination. This should be done via fair judging and refereeing to protect the Olympic fire from being turned into a symbol of double standards and narcissistic projections of inequality between the nations. 

We call on the International Olympic Committee for professional governance via integrity, fairness and conscience".


Eurasian Boxing Parliament

We are the Eurasian Boxing Parliament – an official international professional boxing confederation of the Eurasian continent.

The 1st Annual convention of the Eurasian Boxing Parliament took place between the 24th - 26th of October in the City of Moscow, Russia. It was a real success and it truly surpassed all of our expectations!

Representatives from over 25 countries attended this historic event in the hope to take professional boxing to a new level. Russia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Georgia, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Belorussia, Czech Republic, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Turkey, Timor Leste have all gathered as one big, family and had a long discussion regarding the world of professional boxing! The supporting letter to the Eurasian Boxing Parliament from Federico Mayor Zaragoza the Chairman of the Foundation for the Culture of Peace, and Honorary Director General of UNESCO was read as a part of the opening ceremony to announce the opening of the convention. We had a group of honorary champions attending, the likes of Boris Lagutin, Kostya Tszyu, Roman Karmazin, Orzubek Nazarov, Anatoliy Aleksandrov, Dmitry Kirillov and Yuh Moing Woo all expressed their support for the EBP organisation. During the convention, every attending country received a certificate of membership and was officially affiliated with the EBP. Every member of the EBP expressing the spirit of convention voted for an official declaration. Here is our official declaration:

We, the members of the Eurasian Boxing Parliament believe that any political action aimed at inciting military conflicts, national, ethnic, religious discord, the double standards and discrimination of countries and international communities are contrary to the spirit of sport. We detest the use of political and administrative resources in achieving the superiority and control in decision-making within competitive sporting processes. We fully commit to resist to any engagements of destructive and dirty methods in the field of professional boxing. We believe in victory by fair means.

The Eurasian Boxing Parliament is set to support fair competition, where only the best up and coming fighters from the Eurasian continent will have the opportunity to compete for the EBP Championship Title.

Since our convention in late October, 15 more countries welcomed as members of EBP: Lithuania, Austria, Poland, Belgium, Slovenia, Switzerland, Moldova, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran Netherlands, Vietnam, Laos, Sri Lanka.


EBP Title Results of '2020

EBP Welterweight Title match

September 27, 2020

   Result    Bobirzhan Mominov won Vaghinak Tamrazyan
   Contenders    Vaghinak Tamrazyan ( Russia Россия )    Bobirzhan Mominov ( Kazakhstan Казахстан )
   Age    1985-10-24 / age 34    1991-10-16 / age 28
   Place    2020-09-27, Pyramide, Kazan

EBP Super middleweight Title match

September 27, 2020

   Result    Mikhail Dauhaliavets won Arman Rysbek
   Contenders    Mikhail Dauhaliavets ( Belarus Беларусь )    Arman Rysbek ( Kazakhstan Казахстан )
   Age    1990-05-18 / age 30    1990-10-23 / age 29
   Place    2020-09-27, Pyramide, Kazan

EBP Title Results of '2019

EBP Super Lightweight Title match

November 14, 2019

   Result    Eduard Troyanovsky won Josef Zahradnik
   Contenders    Eduard Troyanovsky ( Russia Russia )    Josef Zahradnik ( Czech Republic Чехия )
   Age    1980-05-30 / age 39    1986-05-08 / age 33
   Place    2019-11-14, Hotel Azimut, Saint Petersburg

EBP Super welterweight title match

November 2, 2019

   Result    Bakhram Murtazaliev (16-0-0) won Jorge Fortea (20-1-1) by unanimous decision
   Contenders    Bakhram Murtazaliev ( Russia Russia )    Jorge Fortea ( Spain Spain )
   Age    1993-01-02 / age 26    1990-11-13 / age 29
   Place    2019-11-2, MGM Grand, Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas

EBP Light Heavy Title match

October 12,2019

   Result    Bolotniks won Ekimov by unanimous decision
   Contenders    Ricard Bolotniks ( Latvia Latvia )    Sergey Ekimov ( Russia Russia )
   Age    1990-03-24 / age 29    1985-11-25 / age 33
   Place    2019-10-12, Arena Riga, Riga, Latvia

EBP Light Title match

October 12,2019

   Result    Malikov defeated the lightweight title by majority decision against Chaniev
   Contenders    Pavel Malikov ( Russia Russia )    Isa Chaniev ( Russia Russia )
   Age    1986-02-28 / age 33    1992-11-02 / age 26
   Place    2019-10-12, Arena Riga, Riga, Latvia

EBP Heavy Title match

October 11,2019

   Result    Sirenko won Ivan Di Berardino by KO
   Contenders    Vladyslav Sirenko ( Ukraine Ukraine )    Ivan Di Berardino ( Italy Italy )
   Age    1995-02-07 / age 24    1982-03-16 / age 37
   Place    2019-10-11, Palazzohalle, Karlsruhe, Germany

EBP Super Middle Title match

October 11,2019

   Result    Evgeny Shvedenko won Nuhu Lawal
   Contenders    Evgeny Shvedenko ( Russia Russia )    Nuhu Lawal ( Germany Germany )
   Age    1990-06-10 / age 29    1982-05-17 / age 37
   Place    2019-10-11, Palazzohalle, Karlsruhe, Germany

EBP Super Feather title match

24, August 2019

   Result    Erzhan Turgumbekov won over Heorhii Lashko
   Contenders    Erzhan Turgumbekov ( Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan )    Heorhii Lashko ( Ukraine Ukraine )
   Age    1995-03-28 / age 24    1999-11-15 / age 19
   Place    2019-08-24, Traktor Sport Palace, Chelyabinsk, Russia

EBP middleweight title match

July 22, 2019

   Result     Magomed Madiev (12-0-1) won over Evgeny Terentiev (14-1-0)
   Contenders    Magomed Madiev ( Russia russia flag icon 256 )    Evgeny Terentiev ( Russia russia flag icon 256 )
   Age    1994-09-13 / age 24    1992-07-17 / age 27
   Place    2019-07-22, Red Square, Moscow, Russia

EBP light heavyweight title match

July 20, 2019

   Result     Maxim Vlasov (43-3-0) won over Isaak Chilemba (25-6-2)
   Contenders    Maxim Vlasov ( Russia russia flag icon 256 )    Isaak Chilemba ( Malawi Malawi )
   Age    1986-09-11 / age 32    1988-06-18 / age 31
   Place    2019-07-20, Central Square, Gelendzhik, Russia

EBP cruiserweight title match

June 16, 2019

   Result     Yuri Kashinsky (16-0-0) won over Olivier Vautrain (14-1-1)
   Contenders    Yuri Kashinsky ( Russia russia flag icon 256 )    Olivier Vautrain ( France France )
   Age    1986-04-30 / age 33    1990-01-14 / age 29
   Place    2019-06-16, KRK “Uralets”, Ekaterinburg, Russia

EBP super middleweight title match

April 27, 2019

   Result     Evgeny Shvedenko (11-0-0) won over Nadjib Mohammedi (41-7-0)
   Contenders    Evgeny Shvedenko ( Russia russia flag icon 256 )    Nadjib Mohammedi ( France France )
   Age    1990-06-10 / age 29    1985-03-12 / age 34
   Place    2019-04-27, Palazzohalle, Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

EBP lightweight title match

April 20, 2019

   Result    Pavel Malikov won over Gaybatulla Gadzhialiev
   Contenders    Pavel Malikov ( Russia russia flag icon 256 )    Gaybatulla Gadzhialiev ( Russia russia flag icon 256 )
   Born    1986-02-28 / age 33    1991-06-30 / age 28
   Place    2019-04-20, Floyd Mayweather Boxing Academy, Zhukovka

EBP super lightweight title match

November 10, 2018

   Result    Georgy Chelokhsaev (15-1-1, 12 KOs) won over Gaibatulla Gadzhialiyeva (6-0, 2 KOs)
   Contenders    Georgy Chelokhsaev ( Russia russia flag icon 256 )    Gaybatulla Gadzhialiev ( Russia russia flag icon 256 )
   Born    1993-11-28 / age 24    1991-06-30 / age 27
   Place    2018-11-10, RCC Boxing Academy, Ekaterinburg, Russia


Mikhail Denisov

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International committee

Darya Denisova

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    +7 (909) 155-34-24


Rating committee

Alexander Fedyaev

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Medical committee

Yuriy Gudz

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Gazetny pereulok, 9, str. 11, 103009, Russia, Moscow

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